4 Reasons Why These New Mesa Homes are the Talk of the Town

When it comes to marking territories, human beings aren’t so different from animals. Animals and human beings have a very fundamental attachment to the place they call home. However, for human beings, there is an extra layer of significance to their homes. Wouldn’t you agree?

So, what makes our new homes in Queen Creek AZ or Mesa AZ a unique place to live? Let’s look at some of the great qualities where owning new home in any of our communities is a dream come true for thousands of buyers. 🙌🏼

1. The homes are built to inspire living

 Our new homes in Mesa AZ and Queen Creek AZ are designed and built with the utmost precision and care, while ensuring the home is built with their best interests in mind. The developers make sure the homes are inviting and often unforgettable.

To find the perfect new build home that you have always dreamt of living in, you need to find the best designer and team who fully understands (and EXCEEDS) your expectations.

Our developers who designed the New Homes in San Tan Valley have a true passion for the job and gave all that was required.

Each unit we offer provides the owners with a sense of belonging, identity, and security. 

2. Guarantee that you will find a perfect model home not just for you...but also for your children

As an aspiring homeowner, you want a home that feels special, and one that inspires you live your best life. Not just you but also if you have little ones…

If you’re looking for a home to settle down with your little ones, these are the perfect homes for your kids to want to live their youth in, have plenty of space to grow into the home and make wonderful memories.

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Looking for the perfect home? Have some questions? I totally understand. I know it can get overwhelming but that’s what I’m here for; to make this process seamless and easy for you!

3. Inspired by nature, built like a rock

All of the homes in our communities feature soothing natural landscapes, to further inspire your best living.

The panoramic view is awe-inspiring, defining the trait of future owners of the new homes in San Tan Valley, Mesa AZ and the new homes in Queen Creek AZ. Through a passion to preserve the nature and inexorable passion for a greener environment, the energy-saving requirements are well taken care of. Therefore, you are assured large windows to let in natural light, and an enabling space in case you need to explore other green energy alternatives.

4. Takes care of your budgetary requirements

The properties we offer are available at competitive prices. The design, unique look and overall high quality build guarantees you value for the price. We offer various home styles that vary in prices for your needs.

If you’re looking to purchase a new home in Queen Creek, San Tan Valley or Mesa AZ using mortgage financing, we have a preferred lender right here in Mesa, AZ. The pre-qualification process is simple and super fast, allowing aspiring homeowners a chance to take the next step in owning one of our homes.

Are you looking to purchase a property around San Tan Valley, Queen Creek AZ, or Mesa AZ? There are different recently completed properties, selling at pocket-friendly pricing. The properties are uniquely designed and present wide selections to aspiring homeowners. Financing arrangements are available at a friendly rate, and the approval process is simple and fast. Check out our new homes in San Tan Valley today, for a chance to experience a modern lifestyle in uniquely designed properties – – to inspire your best living!

Pecan Cove

Pecan Cove offers luxury Coastal Contemporary Living


RV Garages, & Gated community with a one-of-a-kind view.


Located conveniently in Mesa close to the 202 and the 60, also includes a community swimming pool
Now Selling


Located conveniently in Mesa close to the 202 and the 60, with quick freeway access to the 202
Coming Soon

Lehi Cove

Stay tuned! We will be providing more details about this community in the near future
Coming Soon

What You Should Know About These Homes in Queen Creek, AZ

Buying a new dream home is one of those accomplishments that almost every person wants to achieve! I mean, your own space, paint the walls whatever color you want, no crazy landlord, and no noisy apartment neighbors (bye bye upstairs neighbor who wears wooden flip flops 24/7!) Whether you prefer a modern urban loft or condominium, we promise you that you’ll find a great home in Queen Creek with communities suitable in every aspect.

When searching for a home, there are different aspects to consider. In this post, we are going to take you through some of the aspects to consider to ensure the property is suitably located, providing the convenience you need:

1. The location

Where do you want to live? Although this sounds quite easy and obvious, there is more to it than meets the eye. For some people, they want to live next to a mall, while others prefer living in close proximity to their friends. For elderly people, living close to a health facility is a big priority. This is so that they can receive health care whenever they might need it. 

The new homes for sale in Queen Creek AZ, provide close proximity to different amenities. These amenities are spread around different communities, where people with different requirements can live. Talk to a real estate agent to find a home that is close to the amenities that you require.

2. Ready to use infrastructure

What kind of infrastructure do you require? Some will require cable TV, while others prefer satellite TV. If you require internet services at home, check whether the connectivity is good. The other important amenities that you need to check for are the availability of piped gas and ready to use electricity.  You do not want to purchase a property and end up having to wait for years for the installations to be done. What matters most is your convenience and comfort. The new home builders in Queen Creek provide properties with all the necessary amenities. Therefore, if you are a work from home champion, you will find ready to use internet.

3. Think about the size of the property

If you have kids, you will require separate bedrooms for them, an extra room where they can study or play. Do you require a big kitchen and spacious bathroom? In addition, consider the size of the living room to ensure it is suitable for your belongings, leaving extra space where you can entertain your guests. New homes in Queen Creek AZ come with spacious balconies and garages.

4. Ease of renovating the property when upsizing or downsizing

When you are purchasing new construction homes in Queen Creek, consider the future requirements which can include downsizing or upsizing. How easy will it be when you want to renovate the space? If you are downsizing, you may want to convert some rooms into rentals, creating additional income. On the other side, if your in-laws want to live with you, you will need to upsize the property. How easily can you perform room additions? Consider new homes in Queen Creek that provide you easy of renovating the current property to a future space that is suitable for your requirements.

5. Ensure you are buying what you are comfortable paying for

You do not want to purchase a property that you are not comfortable living in. Therefore, jot down all the requirements. Give the list of requirements to a qualified real estate agent who will help you identify an ideal property. Take a step further and talk to a house inspector who will guide you when it comes to ensuring the property meets all the regulatory requirements.

The process of purchasing a new home in Queen Creek AZ and surrounding areas can be overwhelming, especially for new homebuyers. Talk to an expert who will help you in purchasing a property.

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Looking for the perfect home? Have some questions? I totally understand. I know it can get overwhelming but that’s what I’m here for; to make this process seamless and easy for you!


These 7 Ultimate Tips Could Help You SAVE Money When Buying Your First Home

Woohoo! You’re considering buying your FIRST HOME – that’s HUGE! As soon as you feel excited, you’re probably just as likely to feel nervous – totally understandable, we’ve been there! That’s why we want to share with you our official guide, filled with tips that will not only get you through the process (we promise, it really isn’t that bad at all) but also SAVE you money when buying a new home in Mesa AZ! Now, who doesn’t like the sound of that?!? Read on, my friend! 

Step 1. Determine if you are ready to purchase a new house in Mesa AZ

The initial step and one that many people tend to skip, is finding out how ready they are to purchase the residential property (promise us you won’t skip this crucial step!). This specific stage of the home buying process involves getting your finances right and getting pre approved for the mortgage. Here are some important things to consider at this stage:

  • What is a credit score and credit history? The credit score requirements when applying for a mortgage will differ from one home mortgage to another. The VA and FHA home mortgages are lenient on credit score compared to conventional loans. 
  • Your employment income: If applying for a mortgage to purchase new page/Mesa AZ homes, the lenders will require documentation of the current income. 
  • The Debt to income ratio: to determine how much you are eligible to borrow, the debt-to-income ratio will be calculated. This involves comparing your gross monthly income to the minimum debt payments as listed on credit. This is also compared to the estimated new housing payment. The total ratio ranges from 41% to 57%. 
  • The available mortgage down payment: Each home mortgage will require some sort of down payment.

The above factors are crucial when it comes to determining your affordability for a new house in the Mesa AZ area and other areas in the valley as well. Talk to loan officers who will assist you during this prequalification stage. If you find out there are some areas of financial concern (and if so, it’s totally okay!) you’ll have to work on those areas before you can start over again. For instance, you can start saving to ensure you have a good down payment percent.

Step 2. Find out what the mortgage repayments will constitute

A huge mistake made by first-time homebuyers is not finding out what the mortgage payment will be like. Therefore, they end up purchasing a home that is more expensive than the amount they want to pay per month. Unfortunately, this is because they are excited that they qualify for a huge amount, but fail to understand what the repayments will entail. Thus, before you settle on buying a property, find out what goes into the monthly repayments.

The mortgage repayment is made of four components. Let’s have a look at each one of these. 

  • The principal amount plus the interest payment: Commonly referred to as loan payment, this is determined by the interest rate and the amount that is borrowed. In addition, the term of the loan will also go into consideration. 
  • The property taxes: This is a variable from one county to another and it is in terms of monthly payments. 
  • Mortgage Insurance: home mortgages require insurance that protects the lender in case the borrower defaults. 
  • Home insurance premium: to ensure protection in case of damage from a fire or other calamities, the property requires a cover. 

The amounts paid on each of the four components depend on the loan amount. The more expensive the property, the higher each of these components will be.

Step 3. Find a suitable home mortgage lender

There are different lenders to talk to, once you are interested in purchasing a new home for sale in Mesa AZ. In addition, each of the lenders has different options that you can pick from. For instance, we have conventional loans, the FH home loans, VA loans, and the USDA home loans. Find out the rates offered by each lender and select one that you feel is more affordable and provides the amount required to purchase the property.

Step 4. Mortgage pre-approval

This comes before you can approach the real estate agent, and marks the official start of the home-buying process. Most real estate agents will be willing to work with you when you have the loan pre approved. 

Step 5. Choose the top Realtor

Ensure that you find a good realtor when looking for new construction homes Mesa AZ. Find out what listings they have and select one that suits your requirements.

Step 6. Get under contract, and lock the rate

Finding a suitable property is the largest decision you have to make. Ensure you have agreed on the purchase price, and you have sellers concession. In addition, agree on the closing date.

Step 7. House inspection, loan approval, closing the sale

Finally, find a qualified property inspector who should give the green light to proceed with the purchase. Otherwise, request the seller for the renovations required as per the inspection report. After all is done, seek loan approval and proceed to close the home buying process. Once the transfer is done, the transfer of the titles should follow.

Therefore, the most important hurdles involve finding out if you are ready to purchase the property and the amount that you are eligible to borrow. The rest is usual negotiations and finding a property that suits your lifestyle. Remember to work with a qualified real estate agent when looking to purchase a new house in Mesa AZ. 👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼

See? That wasn’t so bad was it? Want more tips? Here’s our FREE guide to help you WIN the home buying process even more! It’s on us. 

Buying a Home for the First Time?

We’ve got your back. Check out our Essential First Time Homebuyer Guide!


6 Ridiculously Easy Hacks in Finding a Dream Home in San Tan Valley, AZ

The road to finding a perfect home can sometimes get a little tricky, and for aspiring homeowners, it can become an overwhelming journey. It’s kind of like searching for your perfect partner right? They’ve gotta love dogs, love chinese take out and not afraid of heights – – whereas with a home, you have a good idea of what you’re looking for. So to find the perfect home, don’t just consider the finances but also factor in what your expectations will realistically be.

In this post, we feature some of the most important aspects to consider when finding your new home in San Tan Valley, AZ. Be ready to indulge in some planning exercises and some legwork in order to find the perfect home. Without further ado, let’s get started, friends!

1. What is your lifestyle?

This might seem like an obvious one, but when it comes to design styles, not all styles are perfect for everyone.

If you want to enjoy more freedom and privacy (bye bye noisy apartment neighbors), the single-family home style is a suitable option. This allows pet lovers and those with kids to enjoy a yard where the pets can hang around and children can play. However, this means that you will need to arrange for weekend maintenance tasks. If you are not happy doing the weekend maintenance activities, a condominium might be a good choice. However, your kids might not enjoy ample playing space.  

At Newport Homes in San Tan Valley, we offer a variety of exciting designs to suit different lifestyles, check out the available designs to choose one that is suitable to your lifestyle. 

2. Know your budget

New homes in San Tan Valley are available at different price ranges. This is because of the different features incorporated when building the properties. Getting pre-approved for financing will help you know where your home affordability range is while searching for a home that suits your lifestyle.

Order your credit report to find out if you qualify for the different home loan packages available in San Tan Valley or get in contact with our approved mortgage lenders. For the pre-approval, you may require additional documentation. Talk to our approved mortgage lenders to find out more information.

3. Plan for the future

When looking for new homes in San Tan Valley, you also want to factor your plans for the future. If planning to have kids in the future, it makes sense of finding a house where they will grow. For some homebuyers, they may opt to take a one-bedroom house and sell it in the future, or seek refinancing to purchase a more spacious home, when the kids arrive. It is an opportunity to build your home equity. For a home to be perfect, choose one that you will grow in.

4. Familiarize yourself with the neighborhood

So, you found suitable new homes in San Tan Valley AZ. Firstly, congratulations! But, do you LOVE the neighborhood? Drive or walk around to see if the neighborhood provides suitable amenities. You probably will not want to live in a home where your kids will have to commute 70 miles to get to school every morning. San Tan Valley AZ provides different amenities, and it is a suitable place for those looking for the best homes that fit their lifestyle.  

5. Seek the services of a home inspector

You do not want to experience unpleasant surprises in the future. Therefore, no matter what the condition of the home may look like, get a licensed home inspection personnel to give their take on the particular property. A good home inspector is going to tell you if the property meets all structural engineering requirements, to avoid falling into trouble with the authorities.

6. Talk to an established Realtor

While you can search for properties online, an expert is a good guide, helping you to find a suitable property without doing so much footwork. In addition, a qualified real estate agent will take you through the home-buying guide to help eliminate any complications or confusion. Let the realtor be aware of the requirements, and budgetary limitations. He or she will help you navigate through the mortgage paperwork, and finding a suitable home mortgage lender in San Tan Valley AZ.

Congratulations! Now you’re equipped to successfully find your dream home!! Now that you are aware of some of the things to look out for when purchasing a new home in San Tan Valley. There are tons of designs suitable for your lifestyle, and available at a pocket-friendly budget. Check out our available home here